Laying on a selection with odds higher than 5, recouping the loss in 4 steps

Lay on a selection which is priced higher than 5.0 (the selection that has high chance to lose).

If the bet lost, recoup the losses in the next four bets, by dividing the amount of the loss by 4. If there is another loss within these 4 bets, then add it to the remaining loss and start the sequence over by recouping the new amount of loss in the next four games.

If all loss is recouped or the amount of bet reached 100, revert to the initial size of the bet.

Right-click here to download the trigger file.

Here is the demonstration of how the triggers work:

You can see that after the first loss of -£20.0 the program divided 20 by 4 and laid that amount in the next three games. It would have laid once more to completely recover the loss in the fourth game, but another loss of -£25.6 prevented that. Together with the remaining -£5.03 this now made a total of -£30.63. The program again divided it by 4 and placed four bets each of £7.65 to recoup that loss. As soon as it had been done, the bet size was reverted to £4, as you can see from the details of the bet displayed to the left.

The triggers in the file are set to lay on "All Cards Unique" in Turbo Blackjack, but you can change the channel and choose another selection, for example "Tie" in Baccarat or "3 Card Run" in Hi Lo. You will need to change the channel settings in all triggers and the selection in the laying trigger only.

The higher is the price of the selection you are going to lay on, the more steps you may want to take in order recoup the loss. To change the number of bets in which the loss will be covered edit the trigger called "changing the size of the lay bet". Instead of "4" enter another figure into the "Amount" field of the trigger.

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