Modified Green-Up (profit or zero loss)

When you do the usual greening-up your profit is distributed equally among all selections in the game,.

In some situations, when a selection's probability to win is much higher than its probability to loss, or vice versa, you may want to apply a modified green-up. In this case you will either win profit or stay with a zero loss.

See the examples below.

Obtaining profit when the back bet wins.

Obtaining profit when the lay bet wins.

As you can see above, unlike with the usual green-up, you don't get profit in any case, but instead you get more when a certain type of bet wins, and you don't lose anything if it does not.

This can be achieved with a trigger that places a back or lay bet, depending on what type of bet you placed first.

Click here to download the trigger file that makes profit when the BACK bet wins.

Click here to download the trigger file that makes profit when the LAY bet wins.

Attention: in order to make use of these triggers you must place the first bet on your own. You can do this manually by pressing one of the betting buttons, or by adding another trigger that will choose when to place a bet.

The triggers in the file are configured so as to correct the profit/loss balance for both types of bets, so it does not matter whether you first back or lay.

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