Laying according to the '1-4' plan

Lay on a selection according to the Lay "1-4" staking plan.

Right-click here to download the trigger file.

You can lay on any selection in any channel, this plan works for any kind of lay betting. Just be sure to copy the first 6 triggers (you can add all betting triggers to the bottom of the sixth trigger in the same block).

The triggers take 1% of the initial bank as the first bet's size. You can change this by editing the trigger called "remembering 1% of the starting bank". For instance, if you want to remember the default lay amount that was set for the game, then set the "Value" property of that trigger to "lay_size" instead of the formula.

See the example of the Win/Lose sequence below.

The betting started from £21.43. The maximum possible stake size therefore is 21.44*4 = £85.72.

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