Laying and recovering loss in cycles

Lay on a selection priced higher than 2.0 and recoup the loss according to the following scheme.

If the bet lost, divide the loss by a specific number (for example, 4) and set the next bet's size to that value. For example, if lost £20, then bet £5 in the next 4 games. If the loss has been recovered, revert to the initial bet size.

If however another bet was lost before the previous loss was recovered, add the new loss to the existing one and divide it by 4 again, repeating the above steps. Thus another cycle of loss recovery will be started.

The recovery can be stopped after a specific number of cycles. A more detailed explanation of the staking plan is given here.

Right-click here to download the trigger file.

How to use the triggers.

The triggers in the file are supposed to work in Blackjack Turbo channel. If you want to bet in another channel, change the "Channel" property in every trigger.

There is only one trigger that places the lay bet. This is the trigger you may adjust according to your strategy, as you may choose to bet on another selection in a different game. If you adjust the channel in all the triggers, they will perform loss recovery correctly. The trigger's name is "placing a lay bet", and this trigger is the last in the block. The trigger in the file lays on "Dealer wins or ties all" in the first round.

There are two settings which you can adjust easily: the number of cycles of loss recovery and the divisor by which the loss is divided. The latter number should be an integer and ideally it should not be greater than the price at which you usually lay minus 1: (lay_price - 1). For example, if you lay £2 at 3.82 and lose, your loss will be £5.64, and it is reasonable to make the divisor 2. The loss will be divided by 2, and in the next 2 games the bet size will be equal to £2.82. If you set the divisor to 4 for instance, the size of the bet will be below the allowed minimum: £5.64/4 = £1.41. However if your initial stake is greater than the allowed minimum, you may choose divisors that are greater than (lay_price - 1). In the trigger file the initial stake is supposed to be £4+, and the price it lays at is 3.78, so the divisor is 3.

In order to change the divisor edit the "Value" property of the trigger titled "dividing the loss". In the trigger file this value is set to "loss_to_recover/3", thus the divisor is 3. Change 3 to any other integer number you'll choose. Remember: the bigger is the divisor the longer is the recovery cycle.

In order to change the number of recovery cycles you want to undertake, edit the trigger titled "setting max cycles". In the file the max number of cycles is 2. Change that number to any other integer number. The more cycles you'll program, the bigger is the potential risk, but if the number of cycles is too small, you may end up with some loss not recovered.

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