Laying on the hand with the lowest kicker, if not suited and there are 9+ outs

Lay on the selection with the lowest kicker in the second round, if it satisfies the following criteria:

1. Its price must be less than 10.0
2. It should not contain suited cards or a pair
3. No other hand must hold the same kicker
4. The number of cards left in the deck that are will improve the other hands' cards must be > 9. (There must be 9 or more outs).

Here are some more explanations to the last criterion. Suppose hands have the following cards:

Hand 1: K, 4
Hand 2: 9, 2
Hand 3: A, 9
Hand 4: J, 4

According to the conditions the program will bet on Hand 2, because the total number of outs is 11: three kings + three aces + three jacks + two fours.

Here is an example of the situation when betting is not possible:

Hand 1: Q, 5
Hand 2: K, 8
Hand 3: 4, K
Hand 4: 8, Q

The trigger would normally choose Hand 3 for a bet. But the number of outs is 7: two queens + three fives + two eights, so the trigger won't bet in this case.

Right-click here to download the trigger file.

Please note: apart from the laying trigger, there are two deactivated triggers in the file. The first inactive trigger can green up if the price of hand it laid on stays within 25% of the price at which it was laid. For example, you laid at 8.0, and in the next round the price only grew up to 8.7 (the difference is  8.7% of the original price).

The second inactive trigger can distribute the loss equally, if the price of the hand it laid on dropped by more than 50%.

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