Laying then greening up, with multi-step loss recoupment

Lay on the favourite in the second round, if it does not hold a pair of the same cards from Q to A. Then green up in the eventual rounds so that the profit makes no less than 10% from the stake. If it loses, then recoup the loss in the next games according to the following scheme.

1. After the loss add the amount of the loss to the next stake.

2. If the bet lost again, repeat from step 1. If it won, then deduct the amount won from the stake.

3. If the bet won again, and if no loss has left, revert to the original bet size. Otherwise add the new loss to the loss that remained from the previous bets and repeat the sequence.


Lay £20 @ 2.07. Lost. Total Loss = -£21.4. Add £21.4 to the next bet.

Lay £41.4 @ 2.94. Lost. Total Loss = -£101.72. Add 80.32 to the next bet.

Lay £121.72 @ 2.77. Greened up by backing £49.95 @ 6.75. Won £71.77. Commission taken: £2.15. Total Loss = -£32.1. Deduct £69.62 from the next bet.

Lay  £52.1 @ 2.9. Greened up by backing £26.51 @ 5.7. Won £25.59. Commission taken: £0.77. Total Loss = -£7.28. Deduct £24.82 from the next bet.

Lay £27.28 @ 3.01. Greened up by backing £16.26 @ 5.05. Won £11.02. Commission taken: £0.33. Total Profit = £3.4. Revert to the original stake of £20.

Right-click here to download the trigger file. Please note! The order of the triggers is very important. It defines the order in which these triggers will be executed. The triggers that place bets must comes after the triggers that change the variables and modify the bet size. If possible, DO NOT change the order of the triggers!

The triggers are set to work in both standard and turbo channels of Poker.

One of the triggers in the file will remember the default initial lay amount that the channel was configured to. This value will then be used to revert to the initial lay amount after a loss recoupment series of bets.

Note: you can lay on a different hand if you choose. Just adjust the selections of the "laying" trigger and add conditions to it if needed.

The triggers utilise user variables intensively. You can control the total amount of loss that is being recouped by viewing the value of the "mytotal_pl" variable.

From the picture you can tell that the amount of loss that still needs to be recouped is £119.

Distributing the loss

You can possibly improve this strategy by activating the trigger that distributes the loss (and thus minimizes the risk) if the selection's price has dropped by more than a half as compared to the price it was laid at in the second round. Find a trigger titled "distributing the loss" and set its "Repeat action" property from "never" to "once per game". This trigger will place a back bet in the fourth round and thus equalise the P/L figures of all four hands.

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