Laying on Dealer wins or ties all if up card is less than 7 pts

This is a compound strategy: it combines laying on "Dealer wins or ties all" and modifying the size of the bet.

It lays on Dealer on the following conditions:

Then, if the first bet has won, the size of the next bet is increased by 25% and stays like that till the first loss. After the loss it returns to the initial value, but if the bet wins again, the size of the bet is increased by 25% and so on.

Example: £4 (won), £5 (won), £5 (won), £5 (lost), £4 (lost), £4 (lost), £4 (won), £5 and so on.

Right-click here to download the trigger file.

It is easy to edit the parameters of this strategy. All critical conditions are stored in the second trigger, named "Laying on Dealer". Just open it and edit the values of the conditions according to your needs.

This is one of the situations in which the triggers will lay.

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