Laying on Card 11 and backing on every other selection

In the first round of each game place a lay bet on selection "Card 11" and in the same timeĀ a back bet of the same size on selection "Card 1 or further". Then as the game goes by, if "Card 1" is winner, back on "Card 2 or further" and so on until "Card 11" is the only selection left. Should this happen back on "Card 11" and leave the rest of the loss.

The idea is to win money while "Card 11" is losing. If at least one of back bets is won, the losing back bet will be recouped by the lay bet placed on "Card 11". So you'll win money (or end up with zero profit in case "Card 1 or further" loses) until "Card 11" wins. In that case part of the loss generated from the lay bet will be covered by the 10 bets placed earlier in the game, on other selections.

Right-click here to download the trigger file.

In order to make the risk a bit less, the betting starts only after "Card 11" has lost at least once, and continues no longer than until "Card 11" loses 15 times in a row. After that the betting stops until "Card 11" loses for the first time after latest win.

You must of course have enough funds in your account to cover the liability of the lay bet plus the first back bet. You should also realise that there is a possibility to catch a losing streak, when "Card 11" stats winning and losing in turns. But at least this strategy insures you from losing two times in a row, because the betting will not start until "Card 11" loses at least once.

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