Laying on Card 11 after it has won a certain number of games

This strategy relies on waiting till Card 11 has won a certain number of times in a fixed number of games. In this example it needs to win 10 times in 100 games. Then it starts laying on Card 11 until it has won 3 times within 10 games.


During the last 100 games Card 11 wins every tenth game (10th, 20th, 30th etc.). When the 101st game commences, the trigger lays on Card 11. The bet wins, so it keeps laying. During the next 10 games, however, Card 11 wins the 7th, 9th and 10th. AFTER that the trigger again waits for at least 100 games till it resumes laying. If while laying Card 11 wins, say, 5th, 6th and 7th game, then of course the laying gets suspended earlier (before 10 games have passed).

This trigger example was requested by one of our customers on the forum. You can discuss it there and/or suggest improvements.

Right-click here to download the trigger file.

If you think that it is unlikely that Card 11 wins 3 times during 10 games, you are free to change these numbers, as well as any other number mentioned in the example. This is the list of constants and variables used in the trigger.

Variable/Constant Explanation
 initgames  The minimum number of games that you need to wait before you stat laying. In this example it's 100.
 initwins  The number of times Card 11 should win within initgames. In this example it's 10.
 aftergames  The number of games during which Card 11 must have won a fixed number of times before laying stops. In this example it's 10.
 afterwins  The number of times Card 11 must have won during aftergames to make a trigger suspend laying. In this example it's 3.

There is a way to optimise your betting. You do not have to wait till the first 100 games have passed. Switch to the "HiLo" channel where you'll be betting and start refreshing it. Once the list of selections appears on the screen, click on the underlined "Consec. wins" label to open a window titled "Retrieve Game History":

Enter the value of the "initgames" variable there and press "Refresh Wins/Losses". X-Feeder will load the history of the previous 100 games, and if Card 11 have won at least 10 games within that period, the betting will start immediately.

I've tested the triggers in "HiLo Turbo" channel, and here is what I've got.

You may test it yourself and share your opinion.

Discuss this trigger example on the forum.

I STRONGLY recommend you to try this trigger in Test Mode before you start betting with real money.

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