How to apply staking plans to your triggers

Whenever you find a staking plan listed here useful, here are the steps that you should take in order to make this plan work for your betting.

1. Each staking plan described here has a link to the file with triggers. Download this file by right-clicking on the link and choosing "Save As...".

2. If you want to run the triggers without changing them, just start X-Feeder, open the "Triggers" window and load the file there using "Open" button.

3. If you like the triggers, but want to change the channel or selection, then edit the "Channel" property in each trigger, and the "Selection" property in the triggers that place some bet.

4. If you want to keep the staking plan, but change the way it places the bets or the conditions on which the bets are placed, then you'll need to create your own betting triggers.
The triggers in the downloadable file usually consist of two parts. The first part does not do any betting, it may have one or more triggers that manipulate the size of the bet or assign different user variables. That's the key part of the staking plan.
The second part is usually one or two triggers that actually place a back or lay bet. This can be done directly through "back" or "lay" action, or indirectly, through "green up" or "distribute loss" for example. That is the part that can be replaced with your own triggers. Betting triggers ALWAYS stand in the end of the trigger block, because they are executed in the last turn.

So you need to delete all the triggers that place bets, and add your own betting triggers. Make sure they are added to the end of the block. Move them there if needed, using the drag-n-drop method.

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