Laying according to the HiPro86 staking plan

Lay and recoup losses according to the plan described on this page.

Right-click here to download the trigger file where full cycle is carried out.

Right-click here to download the trigger file where further loss is not recouped if the final bet in the cycle lost.

The example in the file lays on "Dealer wins or ties all" in the Blackjack Turbo game. In the original strategy description the loss is divided by 4, but in the example the divisor is equal to 3. So each loss is divided into 3 parts. To change the value of the divisor edit the "Value" of the trigger named "setting the divisor".

The maximum number of loss recovery cycles in the example is 2. To change this number edit the trigger called "setting max cycles".

The size of the staking unit in the example is equal to the size of the initial bet. I.e. if you start laying £10, then the size of the unit that will be added to each stake within the loss recovery cycle will be £10 too.

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