Triggers with tag "Staking plans"

  • Back on Only one has 21 pts with partial loss recoupment
    Back on selection "Only one has 21 pts" after it has lost 3 consecutive games.
  • Backing according to the Fibonacci plan
    The Fibonacci staking plan.
  • Laying and recovering loss in cycles
    Lay on a selection priced higher than 2.0 and recoup the loss according to a scheme.
  • Doubling lay stake after loss
    Place a lay bet on some selection (hand, player) and then double the next bet if it lost.
  • Lay Kelly Staking Plan
    This plan is based on so called Kelly criterion.
  • Simple laying loss recovery
    This is a basic loss recovery strategy where you add the previous loss to the next lay bet and revert to the original stake size once the bet has won.
  • Pattern backing with Fibonacci staking plan
    This example combines a betting strategy with a Fibonacci staking plan.
  • Fast loss recovery in cycles
    Lay on "2 Card run" in HiLo in the first round.
  • Avant Dernier System
    The clue to this betting system is indeed held within its name. It is a very simple idea and can be simply stated as backing on the second last winning result.
  • Backing on Banker doubling the stake after loss, ignoring Tie
    Back on Banker all the time in the first round.
  • Simple backing loss recovery
    When there is a loss in the previous game, the amount of the lost stake is added to the next bet.
  • Alternate backing on Banker and Player with Dalembert plan
    Wait till either Banker or Player have lost at least 1 game (they may lose more). If in the next game that selection wins, then back on it in the game that comes after the winning one.
  • Laying according to the HiPro86 staking plan
    HiPro86 staking plan
  • Laying according to the '1-4' plan
    Lay on a selection according to the Lay "1-4" staking plan.
  • How to apply staking plans to your triggers
    Whenever you find a staking plan listed here useful, here are the steps that you should take in order to make this plan work for your betting.
  • Laying according to the Maria's staking plan
    Lay on the selection priced between 2.0 and 11 according to the Maria staking plan.
  • Laying on a selection with odds higher than 5, recouping the loss in 4 steps
    Lay on a selection which is priced higher than 5.0 (the selection that has high chance to lose).
  • Backing according to the D'Alembert staking plan
    If a bet lost, increase the size of the bet by 1 unit. If it won, reduce the next bet by 1 unit. Limit the size of the stake to 10 units.
  • Laying on the second favourite, greening up with loss recovery
    This strategy is very much like the similar one for betting in Poker channel, only it lays on the second favourite, without any particular conditions.
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