Triggers with tag "Hi-Lo"

  • Laying on Card 11 and backing on every other selection
    In the first round of each game place a lay bet on selection "Card 11" and in the same time a back bet of the same size on selection "Card 1 or further".
  • Laying on Card 11 after it has won a certain number of games
    In this example it needs to win 10 times in 100 games. Then it starts laying on Card 11 until it has won 3 times within 10 games.
  • Fast loss recovery in cycles
    Lay on "2 Card run" in HiLo in the first round.
  • Back on 'Card 11' in the first round, then either green up or distribute the loss equally.
    In the first round of each HiLo game back on the "Card 11".
  • Back on Card 1 in three games in a row, after it lost in 3 consecutive games.
    Back on "Card 1 or further" in the first round, three times in a row, after the selection has lost three consecutive games.
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