Triggers with tag "Baccarat"

  • Backing according to the Fibonacci plan
    The Fibonacci staking plan.
  • Pattern backing with Fibonacci staking plan
    This example combines a betting strategy with a Fibonacci staking plan.
  • Avant Dernier System
    The clue to this betting system is indeed held within its name. It is a very simple idea and can be simply stated as backing on the second last winning result.
  • Backing on Banker doubling the stake after loss, ignoring Tie
    Back on Banker all the time in the first round.
  • Alternate backing on Banker and Player with Dalembert plan
    Wait till either Banker or Player have lost at least 1 game (they may lose more). If in the next game that selection wins, then back on it in the game that comes after the winning one.
  • Betting according to wins advantage
    If two or more selections have equal chances to win a game, out of last, say, 100 games they will have won equal number of times. Once one of them starts winning more frequently than the others, this gives you a reason to think that it will enter a losing streak pretty soon.
  • Backing according to the D'Alembert staking plan
    If a bet lost, increase the size of the bet by 1 unit. If it won, reduce the next bet by 1 unit. Limit the size of the stake to 10 units.
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