Triggers with tag "Analyzing cards"

  • Laying on a player if it stood with less than 18 pts
    Lay on any player in the second round, if it stood after having less than 18 points, and if Dealer holds 10+ points (10, J, Q, K, or A).
  • Laying then greening up, with multi-step loss recoupment
    Lay on the favourite in the second round, if it does not hold a pair of the same cards from Q to A. Then green up.
  • Laying on a hand if its cards are among the lowest cards of other hands
    Laying on a hand in Poker, at Preflop, if its price is less than 20.0, and it does not hold suited cards.
  • Laying on the hand with the lowest kicker, if not suited and there are 9+ outs
    Lay on the selection with the lowest kicker in the second round
  • Laying on the favourite that holds a pair
    Lay on the favourite at Preflop, if its price is less than 4.0, and it has either a pair of 2 or 3.
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