Back on 'Card 11' in the first round, then either green up or distribute the loss equally.

In the first round of each HiLo game back on the "Card 11". In the next round(s) check its price: if it jumped by more than 25%, then distribute the loss equally. Otherwise green it up to win no less than 10% profit no matter whether the selection wins or loses.

If the bet lost, add the amount it lost to the next bet. If the bet won, revert to the initial stake size.

Please note: if you set the initial bet size to the minimum allowed amount in your currency, the program will not be able to distribute the loss, ecause the size of the stake that it'll need to place will have to be less than the minimum. So be sure to adjust the default amounts so that they make at least 3-4 minimum stakes.

Right-click here to download the trigger file.

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