Backing on all hands except the one that has won 2 times in a row

This trigger was suggested by an X-Feeder user on our forum.

His idea was basically this:

If certain hand has won two (or more) times in a row, then in the next game back on the other three hands, to win equal profit if one of them wins.

Right-click here to download the trigger file.

There is only one trigger in the file, and a constant named "amount_win" that defines the amount that you will win after backing if one of the hands you backed on wins.

The trigger has three conditions. The second condition checks the number of times the hand has won in a row. You can change that number by entering a different value in the text box. I don't recommend you to change other conditions, especially the one with the formula. The formula calculates the amount the program needs to back in order to secure equal profit.

Here's how the trigger will bet (amount to win is equal to £2, so after deducting commission it becomes £1.95.

Tip: for changing the amount to win, edit the "Value" field of the constant named "amount_win".

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