Backing to leave the fav with profit and second fav with zero P/L

Back on the first two favourites in the fourth round (at Turn) so that there is profit on the favourite and a zero P/L on the second favourite (and negative P/L on the remaining hands).

Back only if all four hands are still in the game and none is eliminated.

Click here to download the trigger file.

You will notice two conditions in each trigger which check the same criteria:

- allĀ hands must still be playing
- the size of the bet that is placed on the second favourite must not be less than the minimum allowed stake. In the example the minimum allowed stake value is 4, but you can adjust it to your currency settings.

The bets' amounts will be calculated based on the default back amount for the channel, so that's the setting you will need to modify in case the trigger is often not executed because of the minimum stake limit.

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