Back-Dutching the first two favs at Preflop

Place back bets on the first two favourites (the hands with the lowest prices) at Preflop, so that if any of them wins, you win a fixed amount. This is also known as Dutching, although in this case it will be incomplete, as you will be backing only on two selections out of four. So if both favourites lose, you will lose your stakes. The strategy is based on the assumption that the cumulative chances of these selections to win are higher than the chances of the other two.

Right-click here to download the trigger file.

The example in the trigger backs to win a fixed amount of 5 EUR. To change this amount edit the value in the trigger called "Setting amount to win".

Alternatively, if you'd rather choose to lose no more than a fixed maximum amount instead of winning a fixed amount, then deactivate the trigger called "backing on the favs, amount to win" and activate "backing on the favs, amount to lose". The value of this amount can be defined in the trigger called "setting amount to lose".

Amount to win (5 EUR):

Amount to lose (10 EUR):

It is recommended that you add more conditions to the backing trigger, as in general this strategy, if left to always back in the second round, is not quite profitable.

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