Back Dutching the first two favs with additional conditions

Back Dutch on the first two favourites at Preflop in Poker, but only if the other two hands (the ones with the highest prices) do not have suited cards, a pair or cards in sequence.

This example was suggested on our forum.

I added a cyclical loss recoupment to it, i.e. the loss from the previous game will be divided in small portions and recouped in the next games.

Right-click here to download the trigger file.

You will find a number of constants in the top of the trigger file. You are advised to change only three of them:

Take a look at the sample situations in the game.

In this case bets are placed because neither third nor fourth favourites (Hands 1 and 4) do not hold the forbidden cards.

In this case no bets will be placed because Hand 3, the third favourite, has two cards of the same suit.

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