Avant Dernier System

The Avant Dernier system is especially popular with Continental European players and is a French term that means ‘before last.’ The clue to this betting system is indeed held within its name. It is a very simple idea and can be simply stated as backing on the second last winning result.

I.e. if there is a sequence of results Banker, Player, Banker, Banker, then the bet will be on Banker. After a series Player, Banker, Player, Banker the bet will be placed on Player.

This system is not very profitable when ‘double chopping’ occurs which is when wins come in pairs in the manner of Banker, Banker, Player, Player, Banker, Banker etc. Tie bets can be ignored as both player and banker bets are fully returned in this instance. This system is interesting too as it does not need a large initial stake or bankroll. It is popular with veteran Baccarat players for this reason and also its relatively high success rate.

Right-click here to download the trigger file.

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