Alternate backing on Banker and Player with Dalembert plan

Here's the strategy.

Wait till either Banker or Player have lost at least 1 game (they may lose more). If in the next game that selection wins, then back on it in the game that comes after the winning one.

E.g. if the win/lose sequence of Banker is "lost, won", then back on Banker in the next game. If the bet wins, keep backing two more times and then wait for another situation when a selection loses and then wins.

Here is an illustration:

Player: won, lost, won - back!, lost - back!, won - back!, lost, lost, lost, won - back!

Banker: lost, won, lost, lost, won - back!, won - back!, won - back!, won - wait, don't back, lost, won - back!

In other words, you always back three times on any selection who has just won in the previous game after losing in the game that was before the previous one.

To recoup the losses, apply the Dalembert staking plan (the recoupment is included in this trigger file).

Stop as soon as a specific amount (profit target) has been won.

Right-click here to download the trigger file.

To change the profit target, edit the "Value" of the constant named profit_target. It is recommended to set it to no higher than 10 times the initial stake.

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