Time Machine

X-Feeder Time Machine is a highly efficient tool for back-testing betting strategies. 
Using special files with historical data Time Machine reproduces exactly the same games that took place at BetFair Exchange Games on the specified day. That is, it shows you the same cards and prices, simulating the exchange in real-time mode and letting you run the same day's data over and over again. 

Moreover, you can change the speed at which the games are running! Normally you would have to wait for several minutes before a game has finished. Now you can control the time: you can run the same game 1000 times faster or delay it 100 times to have enough time to watch what's going on with your bets. Read detailed description

How to use Time Machine:

  1. Download and install X-Feeder if you have not done it yet. Time Machine is an plug-in for X-Feeder, therefore you will not be able to use it without this application.
  2. Log in to X-Feeder and press the "Time Machine" button in the top-left corner of the program.
  3. It will invite you to subscribe. Click "Yes". It will open a web page. Just follow the instructions then. The subscription costs only £6 per 1 month for one computer. It's not free for X-Feeder Lite users.
  4. In about 5-10 minutes your subscription will be activated. Press the "Time Machine" button again and enjoy!
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