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Our support department will answer all your X-Feeder-related questions and render any help required. Feel free to contact us by e-mail, using a special site. We work every business day from 8 am till 7 pm GMT time.

Frequently asked questions

What are system requirements?

What Games Does X-Feeder Support?

X-Feeder supports all five kinds of games available on BetFair Exchange Games:

In case BetFair adds more games eventually we will do our best to make X-Feeder work with them as soon as possibly.

Is X-Feeder Based on the BetFair API?

Yes, X-Feeder is developed based on the BetFair Games API. It means that this software is less exposed to crashes because of the sudden change of the BF site's code.

If you want to make sure that X-Feeder consumes the API just install any kind of firewall software and make it alert for any attempt to connect to the Internet. As X-Feeder will try to request the data from BetFair you will see exactly where it is trying to connect - it'll be one of the URLs of the API interface.

Does It Support One-Click Betting?

Yes, X-Feeder supports one-click betting in all five games. It also allows you to place custom bets, check the list of matched and unmatched bets and update/cancel unmatched bets directly inside the application!

What Operations with My Account Are Supported?

You can transfer the funds in and out of your Games Account. You can also review your account statement with the list of bets you've placed.

Do I Need Any Special Software Installed?

All you need is Windows operation system, versions NT 4.0, 2000, XP or Vista. No other applications are required. Using Microsoft Excel is optional and is NOT obligatory.

Can I Automatically Green Up (close my position)?

X-Feeder has a special option that will automatically search for a Green-Up opportunity and close your position automatically. In other words it will place all missing bets securing equal profit on all selections automatically.

Moreover X-Feeder offers special Stop-Loss options like "Spread Loss" and "Distribute Loss" when certain criteria are met (for example the selection's price is under specified minimum).

Can I Program My Own Betting Systems?

Yes, using a unique tool called "Triggered Betting" you can make X-feeder execute your instructions composed with a simple set of instruments like buttons, text edits and drop-down lists. You can view different examples of triggers in the "Strategies" section of the web site.

Can I Use Multiple Usernames?

You can use as many usernames as you wish. Your licence is not bound to your BetFair username, it is assigned to your computer configuration.

Can I See Card Pictures, Not Only Figures?

Yes, the interface of X-Feeder is very much similar to that of BetFair's, only slightly decorated with colours. You will feel at home while trading with X-Feeder: all cards are shown as pictures and the visualization is very good.

Can I see P/L Net of Commission?

Yes, X-Feeder has an option to show P/L figures net of BetFair commission.

Can I Add My Own List of Selections to Bet On?

Yes, you can make X-Feeder bet on the specific list of selections, and in the order that you will program. This is made through "Triggered Betting". You can add the selections manually or load them from a text file.

Is there help file?

Yes, the help file is shipped with the software. There is an online version

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