X-Feeder and Time Machine

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When running Time Machine, you can do everything you would normally do in X-Feeder: place bets, change settings, run and edit triggers, start and stop channels. view channel history and account statement.


The only restrictions that apply to the program when it is in Time Machine mode are as follows:


1. Test Mode will always be turned ON, as it is impossible to place real bets when X-Feeder is working with historical data.


2. You will not be able to see game details on the screen, once you've increased the speed of back-testing to 50000 or higher. Instead a corresponding panel will cover the screen:




While in superfast mode, X-Feeder will still perform all the tasks, such as execute triggers, compare cards, place bets etc., only it will not display graphical information on screen. This is made to save computer's resources and maximise performance. At such speed you would not be able to catch anything intelligible anyway.