Downloading files

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After you press the "Time Machine" button in the main X-Feeder application window, a new window will open.






In this window there is a tree of channels to the left, where all available data files are listed. We have been gathering these files gradually, so each channel may have a different number of files available.


Navigate down to the necessary channel and take a look at the list of files. Each file is named after the date on which it was stored. So, for example, the file named "04/05/2010" contains the data from the games that took place on the 4th of May, 2010.




Click on any file name to see detailed information about that day. You may make a decision whether you are interested in this file or not based on that information.


You can see how many games were played, and whether there are any gaps in the data file. Those gaps are periods of time when we couldn't record the data for some reason. In most times in happens because of BetFair Games being unavailable at that moment, due to maintenance or temporary break in service.


Also, you can see how many times each selection (hand, player) has won, lost or tied on that day.


When you are ready to select a particular day, proceed to the next chapter.