Managing Time Machine

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Having chosen the data source for the channel where you are going to back-test, press the "Time Machine On/Off" button to turn the simulation ON.




If instead of turning on it opens the window with the tree of channels, it means the data source for this channel is still not selected.


Now start the channel by pressing the usual "Start/Stop" button. Time Machine will start feeding the data into the channel, and you will see the cards and prices appear on the screen. The speed of the game is shown next to the "Time Machine ON/OFF" button. Don't confuse speed and refresh rate. Roughly, the first one determines the length of each round, whereas the second one determines how many times the game data will be refreshed during that round. So for example, if the length of a round is 29 sec, the speed is 200, and the refresh rate is 3 sec., then in fact the round will last 14.5 sec, and the channel will be refreshed once in 1.5 sec.


If the speed you specified is high (over 50000), you might not be able to catch the cards and prices on the screen, as the channel will be refreshed very fast. To quickly slow it down or speed it up even more, use the slider.


If you stop the channel using the "Start/Stop" button, and later resume it, Time Machine will recommence the games from the place where it was stopped.

To restart it, press the "Restart Machine" text label in the "Game Info" panel.




If Time Machine has reached the end of file or it has played all the games that you told it to, it will stop the channel. If you then start it again, it will start playing the games from the very beginning.


When you are in simulation mode, "Test Mode" automatically turns on, as it is impossible to place real money bets when you are running Time Machine. But apart from that, you can use all other functions and tools of X-Feeder as if you were working with live BetFair data.