Managing data sources

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You can select one or more files to run in the channel. To select files you want to add to the data source, check them in the tree.




To quickly tick or untick all files from the same month, click on the tickbox next to the month number.




It is also possible to select files from diffrent months, they don't have to be within the same interval. For instance:




You can specify additional parameters of the data source you are going to use in X-Feeder.




In the form below the file information fill the required fields.


Start Time

Key in the time of the first game from which you want to start testing. You don't have to know the exact time, just enter the approximate one, for example "10:00:00". Time Machine will then search the closest game and make it the first one.

End Time

Enter the time of the last game on that day that you want to play using Time Machine. For example, "23:59:59".


For quickly filling the start time field with "00:00:00" and the end time field with "23:59:59", click on the label "24 hours".


You can either fill this field or the next one, "Number of Games".

Number of Games

If you'd rather prefer to key in the number of games that you want to play, input an integer number here. Please bear in mind that once the program reaches the end of the file, it will stop the channel, so the actual number of games played will depend on the number of games available on that day.

Interval specified individually for each day

In case you are adding more than one file, this setting will apply the time settings and / or the number of games to each particular day, or to the whole day interval.

For example, you chose to add 1st to 5th of March, 2010, start time 10:00:00, end time 20:00:00. If this setting is turned off, Time Machine will first run the game started at 10:00 am on 01/03/2010, then play all the games on the other selected days and finish with the game started on 08:00 pm on 05/03/2010.

If this setting is turned on, Time Machine will be playing only games between 10:00 am and 08:00 pm on each day, thus skipping the games that don't fall into that time range.


You can specify the speed at which Time Machine should play the games. The default one is 100. This stands for "100%" and means that the games are played at their original speed. To make it run twice as fast, input "200", and to slow it down by, say, four times, input "25". The maximum speed that you can specify is "100000", which means the games will be played 1000 times faster than usually. Just to give you an example: at that speed you would play all the games that took place during a day in just 2 minutes! That's over 600 games!

We may increase this number in future.

You can use the slider to the right to quickly change the speed.


After you have specified all the parameters, press "Add Files". The program will remember your choice and will have it ready when you decide to run Time Machine in the selected channel.




Now you can select some files for another channel in the same way:




If you want to make any changes to the parameters of the file, edit the correspoding fields and press "Replace Files".


When you have finished, press the "Save" button to save the settings and exit the window.