View Variables

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You are given a wonderful facility to control the values of the trigger variables and user variables & constants you may be using in your triggers.


In a special window you can list the variables that you want to evaluate, and the program will display their values as it will be refreshing the channels.


To open the "View Variables" window click on the button in the top-right corner of the application.



First the table in the window is empty.



You can add and delete variables using the buttons in the top of the window.


You need to specify the name of the variable and (optionally) the particular channel and market it relates to. In order to edit its name, simply click inside the cell where the name is written. Retype the name and click outside the cell to make the program save the changes.


To edit the channel that the variable belongs to, right-click on the appropriate cell in the third column and select the channel and market from the pop-up menu.



The table with variables will keep updating if you refresh at least one channel. If you are not refreshing the channel that a variable is related to, its value will be empty.


You can monitor all kinds of variables and trigger expressions here, including user variables that you define in triggers.


Setting the value of a variable


You can manually set the value of a variable by right-clicking the variable's name and choosing "Set Value" from the menu.



An edit box will appear next to the variable, where you should enter the number or expression that the variable must be assigned to. If the expression contains any game-related or selection-related variables, they will be evaluated according to the third column of the table where you specify the channel and market that the variable belongs to.

If nothing is specified in that column, the program will evaluate game-related and selection-related variables considering that the channel and market selected are "Poker Standard, Main Bets", and the selection is "Hand 1".