Trigger Variables

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The short definition of Trigger Variables is given in the Terminology section. Trigger Variables can be used only in triggers, and only in the following parameters of a trigger:

bet price
bet amount
the value by which (or to which) you want to change the default back/lay amount
trigger condition value(s)
trigger expressions
minimum profit % of a green-up
the value of a user variable


Trigger variables are special words. Each of them means the command to X-Feeder to return a specific value. You may think of them as the names of certain concepts or objects. For example, to always refer to the selection's best available back odds you should call the "back_price" trigger variable. Even if the actual back price will be changing in every round, by calling this variable you will always get the current value of the price.


You cannot change the syntax of a trigger variable, otherwise it will stop working. For example, typing "back price", or "back-price", or "backprice" or anything else instead of "back_price" will end up in an error, because the program will not understand the meaning of what you typed.


A variable can be a number or a text string. Here are several types of variables that you will encounter in the text of the manual:


Floating point. This is the most frequent type of variables. A floating point number is any number you can imagine, for example -1.23, 45.78, 5, -3, 0, 0.2 etc. That is, it can be a positive or negative number, zero, an integer number, a number with a fraction etc.
Integer. This is a number that can't have a fractional part. For example: -1, 5, 0, 13, 227, -45 etc.
0/1. If you see this notation in the type of the variable, it means the variable can return either 0 or 1, and nothing else.
Card value. A card value is anything of the following values:
A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K
You can use both uppercase and lowercase letters for J to A card values (for example, a, j, q, k).
In card arithmetic, when you add or deduct from a card value, the maximum valid card value you can obtain is A, and the minimum is 2. Anything going out of this range will end up with just an integer number, which you still can use in your formulae.


Trigger variables can be divided into several groups, depending on the parameters of the game they are related to.


Here is the full list of trigger variables you can use:


General Variables

Game-Related Variables

Selection-Related Variables

Card-Related Variables

User Variables