Trigger Log Files

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What are trigger logs


Trigger log files are designed specially for controlling the execution of your triggers. They are a step-by-step output of all the "thinking" the program does on trigger conditions and trigger variables. By analyzing the logs you can find out the reason why your trigger is not working or is working not in the way you expected it to.

The log information is stored in text format, in files with the *.txt extension, convenient for reading.


Where are they stored


Trigger log files are stored in the folders defined by the corresponding options in the "Trigger Options". So you can view the contents of these files using any file explorer. Besides, you can view the log file of a specific trigger by pressing on the "Log File" button in the corresponding trigger box. See below.



One more way to access the log file of a trigger is to click on the appropriate row in the "Current Triggers" table. See below.



If you don't want to keep log files for a particular trigger, click on the button next to the "Log File" button. Its image will be greyed out to indicate that the log file is not maintained.


The same image will appear in the list of current triggers if you call it by right-clicking on the "Triggers" button:



How to comprehend them


A trigger log is a sequence of similar patterns, which can be broken into several significant parts:


1. The number of round and the message informing that a channel has been refreshed. This gives you the idea of when the latest refresh of the channel has been finished and new data have arrived from BetFair. If the current round is not the one when the trigger should be executed, you will see the following message:



In that case check whether the trigger's round-related options are set up correctly.


2. A message declaring a trigger condition (its body, parameters and values) that is going to be checked.


3. The results of step 2. If the condition was satisfied by one or more selections, you will see the list of eligible selections:



In the brackets you can see why "Card 6 or further" did not qualify.


If, however, the criterion was not met by any selection, you will see the reason why none selection qualified. If the condition is not related to selection parameters (for example, if it checks the parameters of the game), the format of the record will be slightly different.


4. Finally, if the trigger is ready to fire, it will write down the message telling what exactly it is going to do and what parameters / properties it's going to change. For example, if the trigger is about to place a bet, it will list the selections it will bet on and the parameters of the bets (price and amount).

If the trigger is not going to be executed (because the conditions are not met or other parameters of the trigger prevent it from doing this), the sequence will be restarted from step 1.


Read the next topic to learn how to quickly find out why a trigger is not working.