Transfer Funds

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Your real and test funds are displayed in the top of the main application window:



The funds are operated in the currency of your account.

The funds available for betting are displayed in the text labels starting with "Available". Your current balance can be greater than the available funds because of the possible loss from the bets that are not settled yet.


You can transfer funds from and to your Games account. Just click on the "Transfer Funds" button in the main application window and a special panel will be opened:



The label "Available to transfer in" shows how much money you can put in your Games account. "Available to transfer out" shows how much you may withdraw from your Games account.


Choose the direction of the transfer by ticking one of the radio boxes "Transfer In" or "Transfer Out".

You can add money to your test account by enabling the box titled "In Test Mode". Whenever you want to make a transfer with real money, just untick that box.


Note: in the beginning of your trading session you will probably see zeros in both account balances. You need to transfer some funds in before starting the trading session.


X-Feeder also has two "auto-banking" features:


Transfer out ... when reaches ...

Tick the checkbox and key in the values if you want X-Feeder to automatically withdraw the specified amount from your Games account and transfer it to the BetFair account as soon as a certain level is reached. In the example above it will move 10 EUR out if there's more than 14 EUR in the account.


Transfer in ... when less than ...

Set these options if you want to do the contrary action; transfer some money into your Games account as soon as the funds available there drop below the specified minimum. For example, if you set it to "Transfer in 5 EUR when less than 11 EUR" this means X-Feeder will claim 5 EUR from your BetFair account whenever the Games funds are below 11 EUR.


Attention: be extremely cautious when setting the above options! The uncontrolled movement of money may cause you serial financial damage.