Test Mode

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The short definition of the Test Mode is given in the earlier chapter.


Test mode is absolutely safe for trying out new strategies or for making the first steps in the software. While you are in Test Mode, you can be sure that none of your funds will be spent. You can even trade in Test Mode if you don't have real money in your account.


Test Mode can be turned on and off for each channel separately.

In order to turn the Test Mode on/off click on the appropriate button in the channel's interface:



The Test Mode is turned on or off immediately as you have pushed the button. You don't need to save this setting anywhere.


When you are trading in Test Mode X-Feeder operates your virtual money account called "Test Funds". You can see how much test funds you have in the top of the main application window. You can have zero in your "real money" account and still be able to perform all trading operations using your "Test Funds". The money are transferred to your "Test Funds" account in the same way as they are transferred to your real account.


In order to prevent mixing real stakes with those made in Test Mode X-Feeder marks them as "test". Also when saving a record about your bet to a log file it puts the words "TEST MODE" in front of it. For example:


13:38:58:        TEST MODE: Laying 6.78 EUR at 17.60 on selection 'Card 11'.


And here is how test bets are displayed:



Once a selection has won or lost X-Feeder will simulate the settlement of bets on this selection. That is it will add or deduct the corresponding amounts from your "Test Funds". It will also add the results of the game to the appropriate channel's log file.

You can review the list of all test bets made during a day in the "Test Mode Account Statement".