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Below we listed important terms and definitions that you will meet all over the manual, web site and the options of X-Feeder. Please read them attentively before proceeding.


Green Up


In X-Feeder this term means making two bets (back and lay) in such a way that no matter what selection wins you will get some profit. This is sometimes called "offset betting", "hedging" or "closing a position" in other trading resources.

If the first bet was backing then "greening up" means placing an appropriate lay bet and vice versa. X-Feeder automatically calculates the correct proportion for the second bet, so in order to green up you can either press a button or set X-Feeder to do it automatically as soon as it finds an opportunity.


Spread Loss


Spreading a loss is a "stop-loss" measure aimed at preventing losing too much money on the potential winner. In X-Feeder to "spread loss" means to back a certain amount at the best available price on a selection which has a negative P/L, so that this selection's P/L becomes zero. Its loss is therefore "spread" over the other selections increasing their potential losses.


Distribute Loss


This function is similar to “Green Up”, only it distributes loss, and not profit, between all selections equally. Use this function if the market goes in the wrong direction, and you want to minimize your losses by placing a “compensational” bet on the selection, that you bet on in the previous round. For example, if you laid 10 EUR at 2.4, expecting the price to go up, and it dropped down instead, to 1.5, then “Distribute Loss” will back 16 EUR at 1.5, leaving you with equal loss of -6 EUR on each selection.


Triggered Betting


Triggered betting is based on special instructions that you key in to X-Feeder. These instructions may perform various actions: back, lay, cancel bets, activate special options, change default bet size etc. Not only can you specify where to place the bet and set its parameters, but moreover you can define numerous conditions under which the action should be performed. One instruction for making exactly one action is called a "trigger". You can add, edit and delete triggers using a special interface inside X-Feeder.


Test Mode


When X-Feeder is working in test mode it can simulate account balance, bets, profit/loss and bets settlement as if you were trading with real money in your account. You can perform the same actions: transfer the funds in and from your test account, place and cancel bets, apply automated betting strategies and test your betting systems - and all of that without risking a penny! Moreover you can choose which games you want to trade in in test mode, that is say "bet for real" in Poker and bet in test mode in all the other channels.


Trigger Variables


Trigger Variables are special keywords that you may use to identify certain market's and/or selection's parameters, such as volume, price, matched amounts etc. Using trigger variables you can make your trigger conditions and bet price/amount specifications more universal and flexible. For the full list of trigger variables and their definitions please read this section.




The procedure performed by X-Feeder that places special back or lay bets on all selections in the game, in order to achieve equal profit on all of them. The Auto-Dutching may be completed in several steps, with one or more bets placed in several rounds of the game.