Start-up Options

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Start-up options help you launch X-Feeder automatically using command line, and define what channels will be started immediately on opening the program.


Command Line Options


X-Feeder can be launched from the command line with the following parameters:


[full path to software]xfeeder.exe [encrypted username] [encrypted password] [connection attempts]


For security measures, the encryption method is not disclosed and there is no key for decryption stored anywhere in the program's files.


Press "Generate Command Line" to generate the complete command line string for launching X-Feeder. The number of attempts define how many times the program will try to connect to BetFair until it stops (due to problems with Internet connection, for example).


The "Copy" button copies the contents of the string into clipboard.


The "Create Shortcut" button allows you to create a quick link (a shortcut) to X-Feeder with username and password already entered and ready to log in. Neither username nor password are saved in this case on your computer.


To generate a command line string with other username and password, restart the program using those username and password and re-generate command line.


Use these options at your own discretion.


Start-up Options


Using these options tick all the channels that you want to start refreshing automatically on program's start-up. Also choose "ON" or "OFF" in the columns titled "Test Mode should be" and "Auto-Trading should be". For example, in the picture above two channels will be started after the program is launched: Poker Turbo and HiLo Turbo. In Poker channel both Test Mode and Auto-Trading will be turned on, whereas in HiLo channel both Test Mode and Auto-Trading will be turned off.


Please note that these settings do not discard the Scheduler.