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Choose the selection to which the trigger and trigger conditions should be applied.


It is a drop-down list where you can choose the definition of a selection(s) (for example, favourite) or an explicit name (for example, Card 2 or further). Explicit names will appear only if you select the corresponding channel name and market type.


When the "Action" is set to any of the following options:

cancel back
cancel lay
cancel all
green up
distribute loss
spread loss

these actions will be performed on the chosen selection. Also if the trigger contains at least one trigger condition the chosen selection will be the subject of this(these) condition(s).


The selection list is automatically updated as you change the value of the "Channel" option. If you choose "Poker" the list of selections will contain "Hand 1", "Hand 2" etc., if you choose "Blackjack" they'll be replaced with "Player 1", "Player 2" and so forth.

Besides you can choose one of the following options common for all six channels:





The selection with the lowest back price in the game. If two or more selections have the same back price, then lay price will be compared. If lay price is equal as well, then the selection that comes first in the list will be taken.

probable loser

The selection with the highest price in the game. For more details see previous option.

all except favourite

All selections except the one with the lowest price.

all matching selections

All selections that satisfy (match) the trigger's conditions. Click here to read more.

all but matching selections

All selections except those that match the trigger conditions

first matching selection

The lowest priced selection that meets the conditions of the trigger

last matching selection

The highest priced selection that meets the conditions of the trigger

first unmatching selection

The lowest priced selection that does not meet the trigger's conditions

last unmatching selection

The highest priced selection that does not meet the trigger's conditions

second favourite

The selection that has the second lowest price after the favourite

third favourite

The selection that has the third lowest price after the favourite and second favourite

second loser

The selection that has the second highest price after the probable loser

predefined list

Pick the selection from a predefined list of selections, one per game, until the list comes to an end. Then either stop the trigger or start the list over. This option can be used if you have composed a fixed list of selections you want to bet on game after game. You may have this fixed list of selections if you know some betting system where a specific selection must be bet on in each game, without obvious criteria.

Once you have chosen the "predefined list" option in the drop-down list a special window will open (see below). This window will also open if you press on the small button next to the drop-down list:



In the right list box you can see the selections available in the channel. You can add them to the left list box thus forming your fixed list of selections. You can select multiple items (not just one at a time).

In the example in the picture we have formed a list that will command X-Feeder to bet in Blackjack channel in the following order (we have composed it randomly, so it is not a real betting system):

Game 1 - Dealer wins or ties all

Game 2 - Dealer wins or ties all

Game 3 - Dealer wins or ties all

Game 4 - Player 1

Game 5 - Player 2

Game 6 - Player 3

Game 7 - Player 4

Then, since we checked "Start the list over when finished" this list will start over:

Game 8, 9, 10 - Dealer wins or ties all

Game 11 - Player 1 and so on.


The selection that the trigger will bet on in the next game is marked with dark red colour. As games start and finish the pointer will shift to the next selection until it reaches the end of list. Then if "Start the list over when finished" is ticked the pointer will be set back on the first selection in the list. The pointer starts to move immediately as the trigger is activated. The pointer is always set on the first selection when you restart the application.


If the trigger has some conditions to be met, the pointer will be moved on to the next selection only after the trigger was applied to the previous selection.

You can load this list from a text file by pressing on this button:

The file must be formatted in one of the following ways:

1. One selection name per a line. Lines are separated with a line break. For example:

Hand 1

Hand 2

Hand 4

Hand 1

Hand 3

2. The number of the selection, starting from 1. For example (if the trigger is designed for Hi Lo):





This stands for "Card 6 or further", "Card 7 or further", "Card 8 or further", "Card 9 or further".

randomly chosen

One or more selections picked randomly by the program. The randomization will be executed in every round.

You can specify the number of selections that the program must choose in a special text field.


Under the options listed in the table there will be the list of the actual selections that participate in the game you'll choose in the "Channel" field.



If no channel is selected, this list will be absent.



What a "matching" selection is


A matching selection is a selection that has met (or matched) all criteria of a trigger's conditions. When you set the "Selections" property of the trigger to any value that contains the words "matching" or "unmatching", it is implied that at the moment of creating a trigger you do not know which particular selections the trigger must be applied to. Therefore, you want the program to find them, and if there are any satisfying the conditions of the trigger, then apply the trigger to them.


Thus any of the following options work as a filter that of all available selections in the game picks out only those that are eligible:


All matching selections
All but matching selections
First matching selection
Last matching selection
First unmatching selection
Last unmatching selection


If you want to bet on any of the above selections, you must describe them as clearly as possible in the trigger conditions, always starting the first condition with "Any Selection's". This will give the program a command to start looking for eligible selections, and the first condition will be the rule by which X-Feeder will select the necessary items.