Repeat Action

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This field defines when and how often the trigger's action will be executed. It offers the following options:





This option disables the trigger and makes the program ignore it as if it did not exist. The trigger will not be evaluated or executed, if this option is chosen. To draw your attention to this fact, all trigger fields will be shadowed:


once per round

The trigger will be executed in each round, provided its conditions are satisfied of course. This means that if a trigger is set to place a bet, for example, it will place this bet in every round where the selection(s) satisfy the criteria (potentially several bets on the same selection). Note: if you combine this option with "exactly in ... round", the trigger will be executed only in that particular round.

once per game

The trigger will be executed in each game, but only once: as soon as the conditions of the trigger are satisfied. This can happen in any round according to the round settings defined next to "When", the program will wait for the first opportunity.

one time

The trigger will perform its action only once and then will stop being evaluated. This means it will only be executed in one game and never repeated again.

random games

The trigger will be executed in some games randomly chosen by the program.


The trigger will be executed with a period of x games, where x is the number you must enter in a special box.