P/L Charts

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The history of your bets can be visually demonstrated on P/L Charts.


There is a small chart in the top of X-Feeder showing how Total P/L changes over time. The Total P/L is the amount you have won or lost in all the games you've been refreshing.


If you click on that chart, a separate window will open.


In this window you can see the same chart maximised (in the bottom of the window), as well as a chart showing winnings/losses in individual games.


Also you can see some additional statistical data such as minimum/maximum amounts won, the average P/L and maximum liability.




A trend is a general drift or tendency in a set of data. It can give you the general idea of where the line on the chart is going, and what is more important, where it starts growing and falling down.


You can switch the chart to the trend mode by selecting "Up/Down Trend" in the drop-down list below the chart.



You'll see that it will look differently: with a grey line of trend applied to the chart. This trend will determine the colour of the data line: if the trend is heading up, the data line is coloured in green, and if the trend is descending, the data line becomes red.


Analysing the trend you can figure out the strongest and weakest points of your strategy.


It is possible to get the numerical representation of the trend though a trigger variable "channel_trend".