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Triggered Betting is a set of "intellectual" tools that allow you to bring your betting to a new level. It means you won't have to do paper trading, calculate anything manually or sit in front of your screen and wait till the right game situation comes up.


The term "Triggered betting" originates from the word "trigger", which in this context means "initiating", "setting into action", "executing". It emphasises that the program can initiate a bet or any other trading action automatically. Unlike the continuous process of watching the game and slowly making your decision about a bet (and sometimes not having enough time to figure out the parameters of the bet), triggered betting implies acting instantly, as soon as there is the right moment.


If put simply, triggered betting is your way to tell the program what to do and - which is even more important - when to do this. Using simple commands reminding technical English you can "program your betting strategy" into X-Feeder, and then let the program implement it without your actual presence. So the program will replace you in the situations, when a human would demonstrate a slower reaction, lack of time or insufficient mathematical background.


However, automatism does not mean lack of control. With the special options that triggered betting tools provide you can feel absolute confidence in what the program is doing. The log files that every trigger generates (the record of all the reasons why it performed or did not perform an action) will let you find out how the game was analyzed. The trigger settings will help you to activate or deactivate triggered betting when needed.


How triggers are stored


Triggers are stored in text files with the "*.xml" extension. A new file is created each time you press the "New File" button in the triggers window. You can store these files wherever you want by choosing the file destination at the moment of saving a trigger. You can load triggers from the files that may be stored in different folders on your disk. You can share trigger files with other users.

It is strongly not recommended to open and edit trigger files with any other software except X-Feeder.


Do I need to have a programmer's or mathematician's skills to create triggers?


No, simple triggers can be created only based on your human logic. You don't need any formulae to set up a betting action with a few game conditions. For example, to lay on the favourite in the second round, if it does not have cards in sequence, suited cards or a pair. In order to add these parameters and make the trigger work you only need to do some mouse-clicking and choose the right options from the drop-down lists.


However, if you have a basic knowledge of mathematics (mainly, the laws of proportion and general knowledge on games' rules), you can extend the power of your triggers by adding conditions based on trigger expressions, which may contain arithmetic expressions, functions and trigger variables.


Tip! If you are not an experienced trader yet, do not turn Test Mode off when trying triggers or any other automated betting tools. Use the safety net of the setting called "Limit the liability of any bet to ..." to prevent excessive losses due to an incorrectly configured bet.


Proceed to the "Getting Started" section to create your first trigger.