How Trigger Expressions Affect The Trigger

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A condition where a trigger expression is evaluated can affect the selections that the trigger will be applied to.



Depending on what is chosen for "Selections" property in the trigger, the condition may do one of the following things:


1. If the selections that the trigger will be applied are "all selections", "all matching selections", "all but matching selections" or any other option containing the word "matching" or "unmatching", the condition will work as a filter. The program will evaluate the trigger expression for each selection in the game. If the condition for that expression was met for a selection, it will be picked out and become one of the "matching selections". All other selections will be filtered out.


2. If the selections are defined by any other option (for example, "favourite", "probable loser" etc., or the name of a particular selection, for example "Banker"), then the condition will work as a "Yes/No" switch. If it has been satisfied by the trigger expressions that were evaluated for that selection, then the trigger will be executed. Otherwise the trigger's conditions will be considered "not met" and the trigger will not be executed at that point.