General Options

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Duplicate status bar messages with pop-ups


With this option turned on you will be notified of every important event (for instance a bet placed or cancelled, trigger action performed) with a pop-up message box appearing above the status bar panel with the corresponding channel's name. Take a look at the screenshot:



You can deactivate this option if pop-up windows distract your attention. The messages will still be logged down and displayed in the status bar. You can also review all the channel messages of this trading session by clicking on the status bar panel with the name of the channel:



Check for updates at the start of the program

If you leave this option turned on, X-Feeder will download the information about available updates from our web site ( at the start of the program, and will offer you to download a new version when it is available.


Show logged-in username on screen


This options has been added to let you hide your username in case you need to send screenshots and videos of X-Feeder to someone else. If you keep this setting on, the username that you logged-in wth will be displayed on screen like that:



If you turn it off, there will be emptyness instead:



It is highly recommended to avail yourself of this option in case you are running X-Feeder at a public place.


Sounds Settings


Play Sounds

Tick this box if you want X-Feeder to play a specific sound each time a bet is placed, or a game is finished with non-zero profit/loss.


If you activated "Play Sounds", then specify the path to the three sound files that will be played on the aforesaid occasions. By default these paths point to the files that are distributed together with X-Feeder and are stored in the folder where you installed the program.


Scheduler Settings


Scheduler On

Tick this checkbox if you want to use scheduler options. You can start and stop refreshing any of the nine channels at individual times. Tick the box near the channel (or channels) that you want to start or stop with the scheduler.

Then click on the label beneath the box to set the times.


In the window that will open input the two values for the start and end time, in the following format: hh:mm:ss. For example, 21:10:05, 04:06:55 etc.

If you want X-Feeder to close as soon as it stops refreshing this channel, tick the "Close when finished" box.



Log Files


Log all actions to text files

The folder "logs" is by default stored in the directory where you have installed X-Feeder. If you want to change its path set it in the "Path to log files" option.


Trigger Log Files


Click here to read about trigger log files.


Email Notifications


You may receive notifications on your email address on certain conditions listed below.


Balance is updated
A bet is placed
A trigger is executed


A short text message will be sent to the email address you will provide in the "Settings" box. Enter the mail server, email address etc. in the corresponding fields. We recommend you to copy these details from the mail program you usually work with (for example, Outlook Express). You must enter a valid address, otherwise X-Feeder will be unable to send messages.

You must also configure your mail filters and spam killers so that they don't block the following sender: [email protected].


This is the example of a message you may receive from X-Feeder.