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You can place bets from an Excel worksheet connected to X-Feeder in two ways.


1. By entering the parameters of the bet into the betting area in each sheet.



This area will appear in the sheet in columns K, L, M, N as soon as you click the green button titled "Start Channel" (which then changes to "Refresh Channel").


Just select the selection from the drop-down list, enter the price and size of the bet and press either "Back" or "Lay" depending on the type of the bet.

You can insert trigger variables in the bet's size and amount fields.


2. By calling one of the two macros defined in the code of the X-Feeder Excel file.


The macros have the following syntax.


Sub Back(channel As String, selection As String, price As String, amount As String)


Sub Lay(channel As String, selection As String, price As String, amount As String)


The first argument is the name of the channel to bet in, and it is equal to the name of the corresponding sheet.

The second argument is the name of the selection.

The third and fourth arguments are the expressions of price and amount of the bet. They may contain numbers and / or trigger expressions.

Example of a valid VBA subroutine placing a lay bet in the Baccarat Turbo channel:


Sub LayBaccarat()

 Lay "BACCARAT_TURBO", "Natural Win", "lay_price", 6

End Sub


If you are going to utilize these procedures in your macro, you are supposed to know something about VBA and Excel functionality.

Both subroutines are defined in "Module1" of the file's VBA project. Therefore you need to add your code to the same project, i.e. within the same workbook. The best approach to this would be editing the file called xfeeder.xlt prior to launching X-Feeder. Beware that all macros should be turned off when you're opening the file, as some initial routines will try to activate DDE links to the program and may cause numerous error messages if X-Feeder is not running at that moment.


Please note that you can bet only when the channel is active, i.e. refreshed in X-Feeder.