Connection Monitor

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Since customers' inquiries as for the speed of the application became more frequent we decided to add a special tool that will show you the time that X-Feeder spends on getting the response from BetFair. Take a look below:


Connection monitor


The Connection Monitor can be opened by clicking on the button in the top right corner of X-Feeder:


The graph shows the fluctuation of two parameters: the total time spent by X-Feeder on getting the channel's prices and cards (Channel Refresh) and the time spent on getting the list of your current matched and unmatched bets.


The table to the right of the graph shows the values of these parameters, including the average, shortest and longest connection time. From these data you can judge the quality of your Internet connection and performance of the BetFair server and API.


As you should understand X-Feeder cannot maintain a fast refresh of the games if either the Internet line or the API are performing badly. There are periods (on week-ends and in the end of work days) when the BetFair server is overloaded and thus it takes more time to get a response from it. X-Feeder cannot be blamed for these seasonal deteriorations because it always uses the same code for connecting to the API and this code is documented on the BetFair BDP web site.