Trigger Conditions

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Trigger conditions are special criteria that you apply to your trigger. They determine whether the trigger's action will ever be executed, and more importantly, what selections it will be applied to.


Trigger conditions can "check" the parameters of the game, selection(s) or the parameters of the whole application. They are connected with "AND" and "OR" operators and can be combined in blocks.


A trigger can function without any trigger conditions (if you don't need them). But you must always add at least one condition, if the trigger is set to work with "all matching selections" or any other option containing the word "matching" or "unmatching".


Deciding what conditions you need


If you are unsure what conditions and how many of them you need, then find out what game parameters normally influence you decision about doing what the trigger will have to do. Then think of the object that these parameters belong to. There are three objects in X-Feeder that can be the body of the condition:


The general environment of the program
The channel
The selection (or selections)


Depending on what category the key parameters of your trigger belong to, you can start your condition with either "Channel's", "Selection's", "Any Selection's", "Every Selection's", "Any/All Other Selection's" or the name of the property that belongs to the whole application.


For example, if you lay on the favourite, if its price is less than 10 and you did not lose in the previous game, then you can break the statement into two parts:


The price is less than 10
There was no loss in the previous game


Then answer the question concerning each part: what object does this part belong to?


Whose price should be less than 10?
What does "the previous game" mean? Is it a game in this particular channel?


As soon as you've done that, it's easier for you to start creating conditions, because you already have the beginning of each condition:


Favourite's ...
Channel's ...


After you've selected these key words in the first drop-down list of the condition box, the program will automatically fill in the next drop-down list, where you'll be able to pick the right property.


Favourite's Lay Price ...
Channel's Previous P/L ...


And so on. Do it step by step in order to keep your thoughts clear. You can always test conditions one by one before adding new ones. Using the "Test Mode" you can take your time to make sure that every condition you added returns exactly the result you are expecting it to.