Channel-Related Conditions

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HiLo Cards

Use this option to analyze the number and structure of the dealt HiLo cards. If you use this option with "contain values" or "do not contain values", you can find out if the HiLo cards have specific values. For example:


HiLo Cards contain values A, 2


This means: check if A and 2 have been already dealt.


If you use it with any other comparative expression, the program will treat it as the number of cards dealt. For example:


HiLo Cards is greater than 4


This means: check if 5 or more cards have been dealt in a HiLo game.

Poker Community Cards

Analyzes the number and structure of the community cards dealt in a Poker or Omaha game.

This option is similar to the previous one by its usage. For example, to check whether there are suited cards among the community cards, you should write:


Poker Community Cards contain values suited cards


To check whether three or more cards have been dealt you can write:


Poker Community Cards is equal or greater than 3


This option allows you to evaluate various parameters of the channel that a trigger is working in. When you choose it, a drop-down list with the number of channel's parameters appears next to the condition body. See "Channel Parameters" for more details.

Baccarat Cards Dealt

Checks the number of cards dealt in a Baccarat game. You can see this number in the "Card Counter" area:


Seconds Since Round Start

You can check the number of seconds that have passed since the start of the current round in the game.

HiLo Last Card

This option gives you access to the last card dealt in a HiLo game. You can evaluate its rank, for example:


HiLo Last Card is between 3 and 10

HiLo Cards Left ...

This option supports two sub-options:



Therefore you can check how many cards higher or lower than the last dealt card are left in the deck.

Number of games since ...

This option allows you to count the number of games that have passed since a certain moment or event. See more details here.