Card Derby Racing

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When the game starts, the upper part of the screen does not display any cards or specific information.

In the second round, when the handicap cards are drawn, they are displayed next to the suit that the cards belong to. For example, on the picture you can see 5, Q and 10 standing next to the Spades icon. These cards have been picked in the handicap round and they won't participate in calculating the selection's points.

Starting from the third round other cards begin to be taken out of the deck. They are displayed under the list of rounds, in the upper left corner of the screen.

The latest three cards drawn are outlined in red. On the picture the latest three cards taken out of the deck are 2 Clubs, J Clubs and 2 Hearts.

You can see the points each selection has gained in the end of the coloured bar that is displayed next to each suit. For example, Spades have 7 points, and you can see this figure in the end of the green bar. You can also see "7" inside the bar, which means that a 7 of Spades has been taken out of the deck.

Hearts have got 11 points formed by 9 and 2 of Hearts and so on.


Under each bar you can see the number of points that the handicap cards for that suit made. For example, Diamonds' handicap cards gave 23 points in total (3, J and Q).