Betting and P/L

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You can manually place and edit bets in X-Feeder using one of the two ways:


One-Click Betting
Custom Betting


To post a bet immediately click on one of betting buttons displayed next to each selection:



The price of the bet is written on the button, the amount of the bet is set in "Default & One-Click Bet Amounts" options.

Once you click on any of the buttons your bet will be posted to BetFair or simulated by X-Feeder if you are working in Test Mode.

If you turned "Request confirmation for every betting action" on X-Feeder will request your confirmation for each bet.


If you want to place a bet with parameters different from the current price and default bet size you can right-click on any of the betting buttons of the selection to open a custom betting window:



Input the bet's parameters into the text fields and press either "Back" or "Lay" button.

If you want to see the liability as if your intended bet were matched already tick "Show what-if figures" checkbox.



You can also click one of the special buttons described below.


Green Up

The meaning of "Green Up" is explained in the "Terminology" chapter. You can manually green up by clicking on the "Green Up" button. The appropriate bet will be posted immediately as you click on the button. If you are not sure and want to find out how the P/Ls of selections will change if you click on "Green Up", click on the "show" button near the "Green Up" button.


Spread Loss

Click on the "Spread Loss" to manually spread the loss on the chosen selection. Click on the "show" button to the left of "Spread Loss" if you don't want to bet but to see how th P/Ls will change after this operation.


Distribute Loss Between Selections

Click this button to manually distribute the loss on the chosen selection. Click on the "show" button to the left of "Distribute Loss..." if you don't want to bet but to see how th P/Ls will change after this operation.


List of Bets


The list of matched and unmatched bets for the channels is refreshed periodically at a chosen refresh rate. Selections' Profit/Loss is updated with the same frequency.


Your current bets are always listed under the cards:



You can see the properties of each bet, and also the total number of bets and the profit or loss you are currently exposed to in this game.


If a bet was placed in Test Mode, its color will be paler than that of the real-money bet. Besides test bets' IDs are always negative, whereas real bets have positive ID values.



Once a bet is settled, the profit or loss that it generated will be displayed next to the "P/L" figure. If more than one bet is settled, their results are added and the total P/L is displayed, taking into account the commission that BetFair will deduct from the winnings:



You can remove all test bets placed in the channel by clicking on the "Clear Test Bets" button.


You can also view the list of matched bets by clicking on the button where the P/L is displayed. The list of unmatched bets can be obtained by clicking on a special button next to the P/L figures:



Double-click on an unmatched bet item if you want to edit or cancel it. A small window will open:



You can cancel this bet or enter new bet parameters and update it.


Total Profit/Loss and Previous Profit/Loss


You can keep an eye on these two important figures: they are displayed in the right-top corner of the application:



The "Total Profit/Loss" figure shows how much you have won or lost since the start of your current trading session. Click on the "Reset" link if you want to start counting the Total P/L from zero.


The "Previous Profit/Loss" figure shows how much you have won or lost in the last game that you played in any channel. As different games start and stop at different time this value will change in the beginning of every game in every channel. For example: you are playing Poker and Baccarat simultaneously. In the Poker channel you have just lost 5 EUR, while the Baccarat game is still on. The "Previous Result" will show "-5.0 EUR". In the Baccarat channel you won 7.15 EUR. This figure will change to "7.15 EUR", yet the "Total Profit/Loss" will show "2.15 EUR".


Load Win/Loss History


Next to "Previous Profit/Loss" figure you can see the link "Load". You can load the history of your bets from your account statement, and make the program calculate the total and previous P/L from the bets that you placed earlier.


On clicking on that link you'll see a window open:



You can specify the number of transactions that the program must load, and the type of bets you want to use in calculations. If you want to load the win/loss history from test bets, you must specify the date since which the program will extract the bets, because it stores your test transactions on the disk (unlike the real-money bets which are loaded from BetFair).


Please note: the calculation of the Previous Result is made based on the last five bets made in the previous game. This is a compromise between the fact that there may actually be more bets and the necessity to quickly download these results from the BetFair server in order to have enough time to place triggered and other automated bets in the first round of the next game.