Activating Triggers

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A trigger is activated by setting its parameter "Repeat Action" to anything other than "never". If a trigger is not activated, all its fields will turn grey. See below:


After you have activated all the triggers you want to run, make sure that the "Auto-Trading" button in the channel where you want to execute the triggers is "ON".


Therefore your triggers will work only if you both activate them in the "Triggers" window and turn "Auto-Trading" on.


To quickly access the list of active triggers right-click on the "Triggers" button. A window with the list of active triggers will open.



You can click on any record to view the log file of a particular trigger.

The image indicates whether the log file for this trigger is kept. By clicking on it you can turn logging on or off.

The number next to the image shows how many times the trigger has been already executed.