Account Statement

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Account statement is the list of all transactions performed in your account (under your username). It includes bets, deposits, withdrawals and exchange commission. To view your account statement click on the "Statement" button in the top of the main window:



X-Feeder displays the list of both real money bets and test bets.


If you switch to the "Real Mode" tab, you will see the list of your real bets. On opening the real money statement you will see the latest 40 entries. Click "Next 40 Records >>" to see the earlier records and "<< Previous 40 Records" to return to the previous page. Keep listing back if you want to see all your transactions.


Test Account Statement


You can review the list of all test bets you have placed during today or since some specific date. Just switch to the "Test Mode" tab:



By default all test bets are loaded from the log file created by the program for today. But you can load the records from several days starting from the date you'll specify in the text box. The program will search for all files that were recorded between that date and today, and will load the bets from those files.