X-Feeder - the universal betting bot for BetFair Exchange Games

X-Feeder is a program for automating trading at a popular online bet exchange BetFair Exchange Games

While step 1, that is placing simple bets trying to guess a winner, is important for understanding how the exchange works, real pros don’t leave anything to chance. They use X-Feeder to build their strategies based on certain rules or criteria that they instruct the program with. As a result, they act faster than those without the bot and they are less prone to mistakes as all the calculations are made by the program. Plus they benefit from the ability to control their bets through profit & loss charts, action log files and numerous settings available in X-Feeder.

Download X-Feeder now!

It is absolutely free and allows you to master the Games as quickly as possible. You will start placing your first bets shortly after logging in. Guess what? The bets will be risk-free, as the lite version operates virtual money: that is you can use it even if you don’t have any funds in your BetFair account. It is ideal for newbies and those wanting to polish their betting strategies.

First Steps

The interface of the program is very similar to that of BetFair web site, but without those unnecessary frills.

Add some test funds to make your first bet.

Start practising. Most users will first give Poker Texas Hold’em a go, as its rule are quite well-known and simple. Watch how games are settled and your bets are turning into profit or loss. You can track your wins and losses in the game panel info.

You will also find it useful to keep an eye on the P/L graph which shows you the breakdown of profits and losses in each played game as well as the overall change of your total won/lost.

Automated Betting

Once you have grasped the main idea of betting in BetFair Games, the most interesting part of it all starts. You are ready to be introduced to automated betting.

Start with the simplest one, Auto-Greenup. This is a tool for automated trading out once there is an opportunity in the market. Say, you backed at a high price in the first round of the game. In the subsequent rounds the price of that selection (the game player) has dropped. You can trade it out and end up with an equal profit on each selection. This is a popular betting technique sometimes referred to as “greening-up” (that’s the terminology we’ve adopted in X-Feeder), offset betting, hedging etc. But to take advantage of it, you need to be fast and place the second bet before the end of the round (otherwise the market will be suspended and your bet will not be taken). With certain calculations needed for this bet, X-Feeder is an ideal solution as it does this within fractions of seconds. It finds a selections which can be traded out and bets automatically. Explore the exciting opportunities of Auto-Greenup in this setting tab.


With Auto-Dutching you can try another popular approach to arbitrage betting, whereby you bet on all selections in the game to secure equal profit on each of them. It is made possible by the fact that prices change in every round of the game, so it becomes highly probable that the overall probability of winning throughout the game will be higher than 100%. Take a look at the corresponding settings.

Triggered Betting

Finally, after you’ve known it all, get started with Triggered Betting. This is a unique set of tools for tailoring betting to your own needs. Say you’ve invented a genius staking plan, but its math is too complicated for completing in one round of the game. It probably involves checking the history of the previous profits and loss, analysing the present state of the game, the cards of selections, combinations of different parameters. It could be a problem for a human being, but not for a bot. If you “explain” to it what you want to achieve using simple commands similar to English language, it’ll apply this set of rules accurately to hundreds of games without the need of your presence in front of the computer.

On our web site you’ll find a comprehensive library of ready trigger examples implementing popular strategies. You can download ready trigger files from there and try them in your X-Feeder, or you can read the manual and start constructing them yourself. The things this smart bot can do are only limited by your fantasy.

Time Machine

If you are as impatient as me, you will want to speed it up somehow to be able to test your strategies faster. One game usually lasts a couple of minutes. So imagine waiting for hours before you can come up with a perfectly polished betting plan through trial and error. Wouldn’t it be great if you could run a whole day of games in one go, see where your mistakes are, correct them and do it all over again! Luckily we have a solution: Time Machine for X-Feeder. This awesome plug-in lets you back-test your strategies on real historical data downloaded from BetFair. That is, it runs the actual games played on BetFair on certain days in accelerated mode. So you can play a whole day of Poker in a couple of minutes! And you get to choose which particular day you’re interested in: we have a database of the whole year! And it is available for all the channels, that is Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, HiLo, Omaha, Card Derby and Bulls Eye Roulette.

Try it now!

Gamble responsibly! Always be aware that betting is NOT risk-free. You must be 18+ years old before you try gambling, but even as an adult, withhold from spending money in an ill-judged manner. Our company does not encourage you to prefer gambling over other meaningful activities. If gambling is affecting your life or the lives of people close to you, please contact GamCare
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